My Design Philosophy

I'm truly inspired by all things creative. This inspiration fuels my creative passion, which in turn helps to guide my life's compass. It's allowed me to become a creative professional, to pursue a freelance career in photography, and engage in one of the few careers that fosters a climate that constantly demands you feed from the tree of knowledge.


My unique approach to design is rooted in my desire to evoke, communicate, and clarify human emotions. From everything as simple as logo design, to the complex nature of an online community. At its core that is what design is all about, effective non-verbal connection.


I like to apply the emotional aspect to design, because the reaction we have to our environment dictates our interaction with it. There are 3 levels of thinking that I like to take into consideration when approaching a new design project -



Our exquisite ability to receive powerful emotional signals from the environment that get interpreted automatically.



At this level appearance doesn't matter, rationale doesn't matter, but performance does. This is the aspect of design that usability practitioners focus upon.



This level is all message, all culture, and about the personal feelings that the design evokes. It plays upon the users reflective self image, and how well a design can sink into personal remembrances.


I am based out of San Diego, CA. I am available for work in the San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles areas.